Columbia law school courseworks.

CUIT provides email service to the Columbia University community of students, faculty, and staff. The service includes automatic backups of mail stored on our servers, support for secure protocols for sending and retrieving mail, and extensive spam-filtering. CUIMC students, faculty, and staff use ... Our office begins reviewing petitions for non-law courses during the start of the Add/Drop period. We will notify students as soon as possible of whether we are able to register them for the non-law course. I’m not a law student. How do I take a law course? Non-law students can apply to take a law school course here. Registration Services ... Frantz Merine plays a key role in the strategic planning and stewardship of Columbia Law School’s Information Technology offerings. In his role as Chief Information Officer, Frantz is responsible for leading and managing a data center, wired and wireless networks, classroom technology, service desks, computer program development, web development, computer systems operations, and cyber-security. Mailman Institute of Public Health, the Teacher’s College, Columbia Business School, and Columbia Law School all have their own course listings. Not all of those directories will overlap with Vergil, Columbia University Directory of Classes, or even SSOL. For info on how to register, see “How do I know which courses I can take?” below/