Watch: Animal Adventure Park’s Live ‘Giraffe Cam’ Restored by YouTube This 15-year-old giraffe named April is not only an expectant mother, she`s become an internet

Video from the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursvile, NYI became curious about where April and Oliver live and started a littleA giraffe gestation period is 15 months

Animal Adventure's live giraffe cam on YouTube April's pregnancy in 2017 sparked worldwide frenzy, shining a spotlight on the park in Harpursville(Image: Animal Adventure Park)

Free School UPDATE, 8:02 ahas set up a live stream on their YouTube page where you can watch April on their giraffe cam as she and the newborn getWatch live: April the giraffe’s live video feed is back up!In case you have missed it, 'April the Giraffe' and her new born calf are huge YouTube stars

Funds raised, will once again, be gifted to Giraffe Conservation Initiatives, Ava's Little Heroes (sick children & their families), & support of Animal AdventureCheck out the live City of Ithaca weather in the US state of New York by viewing this YouTubeLive video streaming Ithaca College Campus panorama weather web cam Good

Watch our waddle of penguins, gaze at our gorgeous giraffesOfficials with theAnimal Adventure Park

Follow these adorable giraffes through this live webcam from Kansas City Zoo, ranked one of the best zoos in the United States

30pm is a great time toLIVE GIRAFFE CAM: April the Giraffe still pregnant - for now

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Lake Charles, LA 10/11/19 LIVE: The Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam [VIDEO] in Video — by the405radio — March 2, 2017 PETA attacks Animal Adventure Park for giraffe conservation breeding program April the giraffe, whose calf’s recent birth attracted worldwide fame, has been cleared for, a giraffe named April stands with her new calf on Saturday, April 15, 2017

Video from the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursvile, NYAnimal Adventure Park teases return of Giraffe Cam

Watch camera Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam live totally free - Watch Now Online Camera! Free of spans, pop-ups and viruses! Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam Live -

The Animal Adventure Park, in Harpursville, aired two giraffe cam videos on YouTube overnight into ThursdayApril the Giraffe Live Cam from Animal Park GoingViral

Active labor started early Saturday morningWatch LIVE video of giraffe giving birth at ‘Animal Adventure Park’

April The Giraffe Starts Birth Control, Will Have No More Calves April's two livestreamed births and the park's "giraffe cam" videos of April have, together, been viewed(You can watch the live stream from Animal Adventure Park here or below) According to Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the average gestation period for a giraffe is aboutAnimal Adventure Park Harpursville, NY www

April is 15 years oldAnimal Adventure Park

Animal Adventure Park's "Giraffe Cam" is already back up and running, so fans can start watching April, Tajiri and Oliver, April's mateAnimal Adventure Park, Harpursville, New York

Watch live: Zookeepers note April the