Tms320c5505 datasheet 2n3904

TMS320C6748, Fixed- and Floating-Point DSPs TI offers its TMS320C6748, fixed- and floating-point DSPs for currency inspection, biometric identification, and machine vision (low-end) applications Texas Instruments' TMS320C6748, fixed- and floating-point DSP is a low-power application processor based on a C674x DSP core. Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. TMS320C240, TMS320F240 DSP CONTROLLERS SPRS042D – OCTOBER 1996 – REVISED NOVEMBER 1998 POST OFFICE BOX 1443 • HOUSTON, TEXAS 77251–1443 1 High-Performance Static CMOS Technology Includes the T320C2xLP Core CPU BC547B Transistor Datasheet pdf, BC547B Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics We developed a digital signal processor (DSP) platform that includes a box equipped with the C5505 eZdsp and easy to use software tools. This box includes a TMS320C5505 DSP, an audio interface ... 【天天ic网】这个页面提供了2n2369规格信息和所有生厂商提供的2n2369 pdf文件信息。包含了2n2369 pdf下载地址链接、大小、页数等信息,这里还有2n2369的生产厂商、logo、功能描述等信息。