Mvtr mocon flat sheet

The AQUATRAN Model 3 water vapor permeation instrument is designed specifically to increase your lab’s efficiency, streamline your operations, and improve throughput. Your operators will now spend less time setting up and monitoring permeation tests, allowing them to achieve more in less time. PERMATRAN-W ® Model 398 Home Instruments PERMATRAN-W ® Model 398 This two cell low maintenance water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) testing system is designed for flat films with medium to high barriers. guarantee is made to the technical data sheet. HQ /Dist Ctr:7627 Somerset Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723 Off Tel 562 630 6700 Ext 226 Fax 6716 Cell 310 490 6032 PHYSICAL PROPERTIES TECHNICAL DATA SHEET INTERIOR EXTERIOR PVDC(Natural) SealablePET(Natural) SSLPV - Series MOCON ® Permatran at 0.007 g/m 2/day at 50°C and are shipped with a certificate of conformance. Testing WVTR on 3M Ultra Barrier Solar Film 9L If validation of receivables is desired using MOCON® instruments, the following procedures are recommended: • Identify and label sides of samples. The sun-facing side is the Fluoropolymer side. MOCON Inc. has providing permeability testing equipment for industrial gases and oxygen permeability in the packaging industry. Call us at 1 (763) 493-6370.