Daily plant check sheets in tqm

In developing these guidelines the essential elements of Quality Management Standards of ISO 9000 were followed and this guideline was written so that they are pertinent to the ready mixed concrete industry. These guidelines were developed to establish a minimum level of a Quality Management Daily Inspection Checklist Books for Various Vehicles. Ensuring everything is running smoothly and in accordance with safety regulations is of the utmost importance. All commercial and industrial vehicles must be checked rigorously on a daily basis to safeguard the workers who are operating them as well as others who work in its proximity. Prior to operating this forklift, the daily checklist must be completed by a licensed and qualified operator. Check the items listed below and mark each box with the appropriate letter to identify satisfactory operation or condition of item. For all items marked with "R" for repair, report discrepancy to your general foreman. DAILY PLANT INSPECTION CHECKLIST. DATE: COMPANY NAME: Collective Civil Pty Ltd WORKING FOR: JOB SITE: PLANT DESCRIPTION: REGISTRATION or PERMIT NO: MAKE & MODEL: EXPIRY DATE: SERIAL NO: HOUR METRE/ KM READING: PLANT OPERATOR DAILY SAFETY CHECKLIST: Operators are required to check the following items before commencing work. Ensure your plant operator complete a Plant Checklist on a Daily Basis. Ensure your staff are working in the safest conditions possible by making it a requirement for workers to complete their paperwork prior to work commencing. Please note each page has 1 weeks worth of checks.